Our products are widely used in large-scale petrochemical and energy engineering.To ensure that each product is the highly reliable.

Control the quality of raw materials ,the production process and final products to reduce the defect and keep high quality.

The people , processes and products through the implementation of production management mode together , to promote a marked improvement in the quality , production efficiency , logistics, production environment , delivery and staff participation ensure product performance consistently in all aspects.We put our customers first , with facts and figures to seek better solutions , training through quality management , system standardization , manufacture standardized , rigorous assessment of suppliers and other measures to ensure that every aspect of the excellent quality of the product , so that the product quality is always in the leading position at home and abroad , and has continued competitiveness.

Quality Management:

*Best-in-class detection technology

Through the introduction of first-class testing equipment such as nitrogen and oxygen analyzers, 16-channel sound wave detectors, we are able to use infrared temperature measurement, eddy current testing, ultrasonic testing, ultrasonic thickness measurement, hydrostatic test, mechanical test, direct reading spectral analysis of chemical composition, hardness measurement , Material metallographic test, X-ray flaw detection and other scientific detection methods, statistical analysis of the detection data, to prevent the occurrence of non-conforming products, to ensure that from raw materials to the production process to the finished product can be effectively controlled in real time.

*Informationization Operation Platform

  In order to improve the competitiveness of management, we set up an ERP system in the enterprise, and use the information management platform to integrate and optimize the three major elements of personnel, technology and management in the entire production process, as well as information flow, logistics, and capital flow.

*5S production management system

  We implement a 5S on-site management system to help employees improve production efficiency and reduce potential safety hazards. We are moving towards a modern enterprise with the characteristics of sophisticated production and agile manufacturing models.

Testing Equipments:

Our testing center has physical and chemical testing equipment such as nitrogen and oxygen analyzers, high temperature tensile testing machines, low temperature impact testing machines, direct reading spectral analysis of chemical components, hardness testers, and metallographic microscopes.

Chemical Composition Analysis
Chemical analysis
Eddy current testing
Hydraulic test
Impact test
Metallographic microscope
Tensile test
Ultrasonic testing